ASG’s CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has consistently exceeded the benchmarks for what is expected of an AEG, offering a combination of faithful realism, realistic construction and unparalleled shooting performance – right out of the box. Summer 2018 sees the unveiling of the next stage of the evolution of the first and only Airsoft gun to be designed and manufactured in Denmark.


Originally we set out to create the EVO 3 Product Family under license from CZ Firearms, with a goal to create an all-new Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) from the ground up, as a 1:1 replica of CZ’s EVO 3 A1 sub-machine gun. This much was easy but the aspiration was to go further…

A proprietary gearbox configuration was designed to prioritize performance and simple, straightforward assembly and maintenance. Essentially, the EVO was to be manufactured in Denmark and assembled in-house at the ActionSportGames’ Headquarters in Espergaerde. This meant that the EVO product could be continually “evolved” and improved – since its launch several revisions to the EVO production have taken place, including updates to the Trigger Control Unit and the Spring Guide components. 

With each revision the EVO has proven to consistently perform even better and has ensured it continues to eliminate all competition. Now though, after nearly 2 years of development and testing, we’re proud to introduce the most significant updates to the EVO yet – updates that will redefine the standards of AEG performance…



Not content with making the best AEG on the market, we are committed to making the best AEG we can make. The Updated 2018 EVOs are now assembled using a refined, robust and rugged gearbox shell, specifically designed to ensure smooth operation, powerful performance and an unsurpassed shooting experience – all still proudly made in Denmark. In addition to this, a revolutionary new cylinder head has been manufactured using a design unique to ASG, offering close to perfect air seal and making assembly and disassembly easier than ever. This is complimented by a specially designed steel cylinder recognized by its unique ASG-logo shaped porting and an all new high-strength polymer piston and piston head. 

The end result is an EVO that feels better, shoots better and sounds better than ever before. Thanks to the new gearbox shell the gear meshing is tighter and the operation is smoother. Combined with the increased casing weight and the new cylinder and piston head, the EVO now sounds deeper and more intimidating than ever before – your opponents will know when they are facing off against an EVO, now more than ever before!

In operation, the EVO is now ultimately precise. Thanks to CNC machined selector plate guides, the ambidextrous selectors now more perfectly in unison allowing you to switch between safe, semi auto, burst and blistering full auto fire modes with an accuracy that matches that of the weapon itself. 

We have always been confident that the EVO represents the very best in performance, quality and value in the Airsoft gun market and these new revisions are set to confirm its dominance and put  the EVO even further ahead of the competition. As soon as you shoot one, you will understand why they are “The Player’s Choice”.

Issues with pre-engagement of the piston are eliminated, even when abusing the gun with excessively heavy BB ammunition, excess hop, high voltage batteries and low powered springs. No matter how tentative the trigger pull or how long the burst of fire, the EVO reliably and infallibly completes every cycle giving the user more confidence than ever before. 

“Please note, ASG recommend the use of 9.9v LiFe batteries in sub-1Joule guns.





From the outside, 2018 Revision EVOs look almost identical to previous versions, indeed they are fully compatible with previous revision parts, both internally and externally. There are a couple of tell-tale signs to help you to identify the 2018 spec parts. If you look inside the magazine well you can see the new, enhanced and reinforced gearbox shell and you can see the ASG logo proudly in place through the bolt cover.


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 17.19.46

In order to improve the performance and tolerances of the EVO gearbox, the shell/casing has been redesigned to give the ultimate in shooting experience and performance.

The revised casing now uses a zinc-based alloy rather than aluminium alloy previously used and several improvements have been included in the design. The different material has resulted in a slightly heavier gearbox making the overall weight of the EVO slightly heavier and even more realistic compared to the real weapon.

The heavier gearbox shell also results in a smoother overall operation with a reassuring and satisfyingly deep muzzle report.

The shape of the gearbox has been simplified and the casting features rounded apertures to minimize the risk of cracking. More bracing surface has been added to make the gun more rigid and robust.

We have improved the cable routing and simplified, a small change that gun tech and upgrade enthusiasts will no doubt relish. Wear and tear on wiring and errors during assembly are minimized thanks to this revision.

The position of each gear inside the shell is now slightly closer allowing for improved meshing (more material contact) between the gears and the sector gear also sits closer to the piston. This will improve the lifespan and make the most of the mechanical strength of the gears installed allowing users to push the EVO even harder than ever before, leaving no doubt that it will keep up with your demand, no matter what the situation.

The selector plate guides have also been refined using a precise CNC machining process resulting in a more positive and definite, but slightly lighter feeling selector lever action, for faster, more accurate shooting whether you are left or right-handed or rapidly switching between the fire modes.


We have designed and produced a new and original cylinder set in order to further improve performance. The Cylinder set includes Cylinder, Cylinder Head and Piston Assembly.


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 17.22.46.png

The new cylinder is a high precision steel cylinder with a black finish and ASG logo-shaped porting. It’s been designed to make an efficient seal with the accompanying Cylinder head and Piston, as close to perfect as can be achieved, resulting in incredibly stable muzzle velocity and amazing efficiency when teamed with the already proven great EVO air seal components. 


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 17.23.17.png

A new design of cylinder head has been produced with a revolutionary new seal system to replace the traditional O-ring arrangement. The new system uses a flanged rubber cup seal that interfaces with the cylinder head and provides not only a more efficient seal under higher pressure but also impact absorption (similar to “sorbo” pads commonly fitted in custom work). Combined with the gearbox shell, this makes the EVO sounds more formidable and exciting than ever and also eliminates the risk of failure, no matter how hard the EVO is pushed.


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 17.23.59.png

A high strength, nylon reinforced piston has been designed and manufactured, bearing the ASG logo. The piston features 6 metal teeth and comes with the second pick-up tooth already removed for flawlessly smooth engagement. The guide rails are slotted and the geometry has been specifically designed to work precisely inside the 2018 Revision gearbox casing. 


The new cylinder set is compatible with other 3rd party Version 2 and Version 3 (M4/AK/G36) gearboxes and we intend to make it available as a separate upgrade component in the near future.

All 2018 Revision specification parts are 100% inter-compatible with previous revisions.


2018 Revision parts will be implemented as a rolling product update. The product codes will remain the same and the price is unchanged. New products (all EVO variants) ordered from this point onwards will be built using the above detailed components.


The existing ASG warranty support will continue to be provided. In the event of warranty issues arising with 2018 Revision guns, parts will be supplied in a like-for-like fashion. Because these components will replace the prevision revisions, 2018 Revision parts will be used to replace previous specification parts in the event of only valid failures in workmanship.

It is important to note that only specific parts that have failed due to ASG workmanship or production defects will be replaced via the warranty scheme. No gearboxes, cylinders, cylinders heads or pistons will be exchanged for 2018 Specification parts unless they have failed in operation under accordance with ASG’s previously published warranty guidelines. Issues will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

We intend to make the 2018 Revision components available for ASG Account Holders to purchase as spares in the event that their customers wish to update existing guns. 


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