Evo Owner’s Club Event 2018

On September 30th, ActionSportGames UK was joined by Combat UK and JD Airsoft‘s EvoTek along with Skorpion Skinz at RIFT Airsoft’s Coms 3 site in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The reason for this great alliance was the Evo Owner’s Club Event 2018, the second such event to take place in the UK.

More thanĀ just a skirmish game, the entire premise of the Owner’s Club Event is to bring together like-minded enthusiasts that are committed and fanatical about ASG’s unique CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 replica. There really isn’t any other event like it.

JD Airsoft’s EvoTek Packages on site.

The day of course included plenty of opportunities to get behind the trigger and face off against over 150 other Evo-wielding players, but because the event is strictly limited to ONLY using Evos as a primary weapon, there was plenty to talk about otherwise.

Customise your Evo easily with Scorpion Skinz!

From custom fitted front ends, 3D printed attachments, bespoke paintwork and performance upgrades, there was a lot on show. The best bit is seeing how over 150 individuals can take an Evo and make it just as unique as they are!

ASG Paul admires an attendees lovingly painted Evo


Thanks to Tony, the proprietor of RIFT Airsoft and several game sites in the South of the UK, the Evo Owner’s Club Event gameplay was well organised, well marshaled andĀ  easy to join in.

Objectives were spread over the derelict WW2-era site, strewn with ruined buildings and brick trenches therefore allowing players to roam and really use the capabilities of their Evos to the maximum.

CQB areas allowed players to really make the most of the Evo’s famed trigger response and burst modes but larger open spaces allowed the formidable hop unit inside the Danish-made gun to shine. Of course, with every player using the same platform, the firefights were intense and evenly matched!


ASG’s UK Technician Jeppe offers his professional advice

After flying over from ASG HQ in Denmark especially for the event, UK Technician, Jeppe was available on the day. Jeppe gave several demonstrations on carrying out some of the more technical aspects of Evo ownership and upgrading. Using his expertise he was also on hand to advise on technical issues, upgrade queries and generally be an all round nice guy!


Yeti Wurks and HB Industries goodies up for grabs!

As a thanks from ASG, each player received a goodie bag, including free Blaster Devil BBs, Speedloaders and a very limited edition Evo Owner’s Club Patch, only available to event attendees.

the highly sought after Evo Owner’s Club Patch

Yeti Wurks and HB Industries generously supplied a huge amount of excellent raffle prizes, including Avalanche Magazine Releases, Denali Sling Points and Prostock upgrades; all real-steel kit that fits directly to the ASG Evo. Airsoft Eire also sent over some fantastic CZ Evo Work mats, now no doubt adorning the desks of lucky winners.

The main prize, provided by JD Airsoft and EvoTek was a fully upgraded Evo “DMR” package, fitted with Ultimate upgrade parts as per the EvoTek Professional package.


Kronos Airsoft and Airsoft Action TV covered the event from a media perspective capturing the gameplay and other action with a selection of gyro-stabilised cameras and microphones between them. Snoopy’s Snaps also joined in and captured some more traditional still images throughout the day.

The Next One…

With great feedback from all involved, the event was barely over before thoughts turned towards what might be next. Of course, plans are already afoot to make the Owner’s Club 2019 even bigger and better than ever before, so stay tuned to find out more!

Thanks to everyone involved in the Evo Owner’s Club Event 2018, from the businesses that attended to the hosts and the staff. A special thanks to every Evo owner that came along to make the day into something special, it goes without saying that without owners, the club wouldn’t be what it is today!