ASG on Airsoft Nation

Airsoft Nation recently took the time to speak to ASG’s UK Media Manager and Sales Co-ordinator. The plan was to talk about how airsoft had changed, grown and improved in recent years, along with the emergence of Speedsoft.

Graham and Ben spoke openly about topics. They ranged from “airsoft in the old days”, ASG’s officially licensed product range and what might be coming up in the near future.

The controversial subject of “Speedsoft” was also on the agenda. Make sure you tune in to find out more about this emerging facet of airsoft; bridging the gap with paintball.

A referee calls a player hit amongst inflatable obstacles at a speedsoft event
Speedsoft in action at Skirmish Airsoft Mansfield

Speedsoft itself involves small teams, usually of around 4-5 players, competing to achieve an objective.  The action is close-ranged because each field is filled with a large amount of inflatable obstacles. Supair rules are used to dictate preset “maps” or layouts, as a result teams can train on home facilities and travel to leagues with set strategies and methods.

Speedsoft is a fast and furious game therefore rounds usually last no longer than a couple of minutes. The emphasis is on eliminating enemy players. You must avoid being hit in Speedsoft games because you don’t get to repawn.  Thanks to its rapid rate of fire and formidable trigger response the Speedsoft arena is the ideal hunting ground for the Evo.

Catch the regular live shows to interact via the comments in the future. For now you can go back and check out the whole thing in it’s entirety!


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