Blaster Tour 2018 – Operation Plastic Storm

Sunday 11th of November marked the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day; the day that the Great War ended. This date would also be the last Blaster Tour 2018 date of the year.

Combat Action Games (Norwich, UK) decided to hold their event “Operation Plastic Storm” at Pleasurewood Hills, in nearby Lowestoft on the same date.

Action Sport Games UK headed to the event to mark the last Blaster Tour Event on the 2018 calendar.

A player at the center of the action with his ASG Evo Scorpion 3 A1

Pleasurewood Hills is a functional and active theme park and attraction during the summer months. In a special arrangement, CAG secured the site for an airsoft event during the park’s off season. Without a doubt, it’s a unique place to play airsoft.

Players make their way to the start point of Operation Plastic Storm

As well as an airsoft event, Sean of CAG organised a raffle with the proceeds going towards the Poppy Appeal. Naturally ASG supported this worthy cause with a special prize for one lucky winner. This prize was more than just a product though…

Mark Rasmussen

Mark Rasmussen was a young, energetic and enthusiastic man; his passion for airsoft was matched only by his tenacity to attend games and spread his love for the hobby.

Mark (right) pictured with ASG’s Paul Wignell in late 2016 at Op: Blue Fox

Mark tragically passed away suddenly in November 2016 leaving the Danish and UK Airsoft community distraught.

In the months that followed, with the memory of Mark firmly in mind, Paul Wignell of ASG UK, Bill Thomas & Nigel Streeter of Airsoft Action, John Turrell  of J-Tac Custom along with Airsoft Machine Shop and Battlezone Airsoft undertook a special project.

ASG’s Gareth Harvey presents the rifle to the Operation Plastic Storm attendees

The project was the Rasmussen Rifle, a replica of Mark’s favoured gun. Based on ASG’s Next Generation Proline LMT AEG, the gun was engraved and complete with a selection of accessories and a carry case.

With the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day in mind, CAG’s event was a fitting cause to donate the rifle to.

The Event

The focus of “Operation Plastic Storm” was to have a great airsoft event in a unique location.

Carl shows off his unique Evo along with a Shadow SP-01 at the event

With 200 players in attendance and battling around roller coasters, carousels and attractions there was a great atmosphere all day.

From the call of “game on” attendees were bathed in a day of bright winter sun despite a damp and blustery start.

Players found plenty of action and Blaster BBs whizzed through the air all day long. This was no doubt thanks to simple, easy-to-follow objectives.

man in ghillie suit canmouflage
Hang on, is that tree holding a gun?

The presence of a miniature railway line and locomotive made things even more interesting. Loaded with machine guns the trains was doing the round all day to keep players moving and alert!

All aboard the pain train!

The event pulled in players from all over the country but a vibrant community feeling and positive attitude was abound. This is a testament to the great management and organisation from Sean and his CAG team.

A silence was observed at 11am

A 2-minute silence was was observed at 11am in remembrance of those that lost their lives in the Great War and other conflicts since.

The Raffle

The raffle raised a stunning £1900+ for The Poppy Appeal thanks to some great prizes being put up by supporters, including Socom Tactical and others.

The Mark Rasmussen Rifle was the top prize of the day and was won by Daniel Butler-Morgan, who, from the very moment he bought the tickets, had hoped to bag the gun.

Daniel Butler-Morgan holding the prize rifle

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