ASG’s CZ 805 BREN Assault Rifle

ASG France’s Mathieu has released a few more images from his photoshoot with Cadenus Photography, this time featuring the awesome CZ 805 BREN AEG.

The 805 BREN fits in the ASG range of CZ licensed replicas alongside the famed Evo and the award winning P-09 pistol. It is compatible with Strike Systems Sights and the B&T Rotex III Barrel Extension/Suppressors.

Airsofter in camo with assault rifle.
ASG CZ 805 BREN in Dual Tone Mil-Spec configuration


Produced under license from CZ, the 805 BREN is a Proline AEG that comes in a number of variants.

This includes the standard A1 and A2 variants with long and short barrels respectively. The 805 BREN is ideal for CQB as well as longer ranged engagements.

There is also a FDE variant and also the “dual tone” Mil-Spec version complete with he M4/AR magazine well converter.┬áThe Mil-Spec version is based on the model of the rifle used by Czech Armed Forces.

Soldiers with CZ 805 BREN Assault Rifles
Soldiers of the 42nd and the 72nd Mechanised Battalions with new Czech-made CZ 805 BREN assault rifles

No matter which variant of the BREN 805 you choose, they are based around a high quality, nylon reinforced polymer lower. The 805 BREN also features an ambidextrous selector system with safe, semi and full auto fire modes.

The upper receiver is made from a single piece of machined, extruded aluminium. The result is a a strong and rigid platform with an uninterrupted piccatiny rail system.

The adjustable stock system is modular and fits via a neat push pin system. The stock also folds neatly to the right hand side of the receiver for transport and the weapon is still operable with the stock folded.

The 805 BREN, ASG Storm Grenade and ASG Mesh Mask with Ear Protection


Internally the 805 BREN uses a proven and robust Version 3-based gearbox system teamed to a rotary adjustable hop system.

The rigidity of the receiver set lends plenty of support to the gearbox and barrel system therefore resulting in a very consistent, very accurate rifle.

Mil-Spec variants of the gun come complete with an inline MOSFET. All variants have a simple and easy to access quick-change spring system allowing the user to rapidly and simply vary the output level depending on their requirements.

The ASG CZ 805 BREN has realistic, licensed trademarkings and an authentic build quality. This gives it equal appeal to both the Airsoft skirmisher and collector alike.

If you want to know more about this fantastic Proline, licensed AEG, don’t hesitate to contact your preferred ASG retailer.


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