Blaster Tracers – LIGHT THE WAY

ASG’s Blaster Tracer Ammo is made to mimic “tracer” rounds fired from real firearms. With an vivid glow effect, these BBs leave lazer-beam like trails through the air in low or no light situations, adding an exciting aspect to night shooting.

Blaster Tracer Ammo is available in .20 and .25 weights and is fully biodegradable, a massive bonus for environmentally conscious users. As with all bottled ASG BBs, the Blaster Tracers undergo our unique, in-house filtering process. This ensures the end product is consistently sized and free of malformed BBs or manufacturing debris.

Blaster Tracer BBs in .20 and .25 gram weights, in 3000pc bottles

Filtering means repeatable shot-on-shot consistency, or “accuracy” in short. In turn this allows you to get the best out of any airsoft gun, be they from ASG or otherwise.

Combined with a “tracer unit”, such as ASG’s B&T Licensed version which screws on to the end of the gun’s barrel much like a mock suppressor or barrel extension, the BBs are illuminated as they leave the gun and glow for a short period as they fly on to their target. This allows you to pinpoint your shots and see your effect on target even in complete darkness!

ASGs B+T Tracer Unit