Team ASG hit Strikeforce CQB!

Strikeforce CQB is an infamous CQB site situated in Gloucester, UK. On Sunday 9th December, Team ASG (UK) made their way down to the site, a former match factory. 

The tight confines of the purpose-built CQB site make the compact Scorpion Evo 3 A1 AEG the weapon of choice. With it’s native, rapid trigger response and semi, 3-rnd burst fire modes, the Evo dominates in close quarters.

Check out some Evo Action at Strikeforce CQB!


Paul, Gadge and Ben geared up and made their way infield to experience the site for themselves. Joining approximately 35 other players, including Airsoft Action TV’s Tom, there was plenty of space to maneuver around the site, flank wide and make tactical decisions.  

With the site usually hosting between 50-60 players, a little breathing space was a benefit for the ASG team who were on-site for the first time. A couple of short but fast paced games allowed everyone to get to know the layout of the site and get in the swing of things. We have a suspicion some of the locals were more than familiar with the set up though!


ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1
ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1 complete with a selection of accessories

The decision to pick up an Evo to take on Strikeforce was an easy one. All three Evos were equipped with a few “go-to” upgrades, namely the CNC Trigger, Bearing Spring Guide and Mil-Spec M95 spring. Ben and Gadge run the ubiquitous Yeti Wurks Avalanche magazine release. Paul opts for the similar HB Industries “Duckbill” option.

In addition to this, the team swear by a combination of the Yeti Wurks Denali front sling point and the Parker Mountain Machine QD rear sling point.

Thanks to the faithfully reproduced replica that Evo is, these accessories fit straight on to the AEG with little or no modifications required.


With the highly-kinetic, nature of Strikeforce in mind, each member of the team opted for a red dot style sight. Paul gave his Sightmark Mini-Shot M-Spec FMS sight a run out, Gadge plumped to equip his Vortex Sparc-AR and Ben chose the Sightmark Wolverine FSR.

Each of these real-steel quality sights complements the officially licensed and 1:1 scale nature of ASG’s replica of the Evo. They allow the user of the gun to make the most of the innate accuracy of this high quality AEG.


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