An Airsoft Classic – ASG SLV36


The humble G36 is a common sight on the airsoft field. ASG’s SLV36 is a replica of the ubiquitous G36C, a modern and practical assault rifle. As an airsoft rifle and a real rifle, the G36 has achieved something of a “modern classic” status. 


The Real Thing

The real G36 was designed in the early 1990s as a lightweight and ergonomic replacement for the G3 battle rifle. Where the G3 used an abundance of stamped steel the G36 used modern polymers. Because of this, the design was  revolutionary at the time. It could be argued that what we take for granted in the G36 has actually become a new standard in the current era of modularity.

The G36 is used by the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) as well as the British Armed Police and many others. 

A British Armed Police Officer’s G36C

The Airsoft Version

The AEG version of the G36, known as the SLV36 here, has a reputation as a solid and reliable airsoft gun. It forms the core of many hire fleets and has started a great many airsofters on the road to their own adventures.

Strike Systems 552 Sight
Strike Systems 552 Sight

Using a lightweight design with integrated rails, the SLV36 offers options to fit sights, lights and lasers. It also features a folding stock, making transportation and storage much easier. 

ASG SLV36 Folding Stock
ASG SLV36 Folding Stock

The SLV36 is easy to upgrade and repair because it uses a standard V3 gearbox. It is compatible with the ASG Ultimate range of parts. Thanks to a quick release spring adjustments to power output are even easier!

You might have used an SLV36 during your first experience of airsoft. Many users might think the G36 style of rifle is only for beginners but as many weapons move towards modular polymer furniture you have to ask, did the G36 really start this trend? 


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