This week the British Army released a campaign of new promotional posters, we thought we’d get in on the act! No… We don’t want you to join the military, that’s your choice and your choice alone!

Instead, what we are looking for is some great examples of YOU using and enjoying your ActionSportGames gear!

No matter if you are a die-hard Evo user or a dedicated Dan Wesson shooter, we’d love to hear from you!

ASG’s Mk23 “Special Operations” and the Special Teams Carbine complete with an HPA conversion kit… Kalem knows the winning combination!

All we’d like is a picture of you in action, doing your stuff! Include few words explaining what it is you use, how long you have had it and what you love about it. You might also want to include your postal address too… We have a few awesome patches and goodies to give away for the best images.

Just email with your pictures and details!

*Here’s the boring bit… Please ensure you have the permission of the owner of the image of you. Make sure they are happy for us to rehost and republish the image.

Also note that none of your details will be stored, sold or used other than to communicate directly with you, with matters immediately concerning reposting your images on this blog.