ICS XFG Gas Blowback Pistol

The ICS XFG Pistol in “Hairline”

Available now from ActionSportGames is the ICS XFG Gas Blowback Pistol. Following on the the popular XAE models in the Black Leopard Eye range, the XFG is the next step. It is a compact option for easy carry and high performance.

Featuring a polymer lower with high-traction texture, the XFG has an interchangeable backstrap. This allows you to tailor the fit of the grip to your own hand. You can access the trigger with ease, even with thick gloves thanks to the wide looped trigger guard.

The inner chassis and the slide of the XFG are made from cast alloy with machine-finished details.

Numerous cut outs and windows lighten the XFG slide giving the gun a snappy and defined blowback feel.

The internals of the gun are made from a combination of chrome-coated metal where there is contact between parts and precisely molded polymer for the gas seal parts including the blowback unit. A precision brass inner barrel and supple hop rubber allow you to comfortably hop accurate .28g or even heavier BBs.

A trigger safety design is used on the XFG and a proper grip must be achieved to disengage the safety and allow the trigger to be pulled. Additionally there is a full lock-out safety under the front section of the frame to deactivate the gun entirely.

Fully Ambidextrous

The ICS XFG features a fully ambidextrous design, weighted completely equally for left and right handed users. The magazine release and slide release is duplicated in exactly the same position on the left and right side of the gun.

Additional Features

4-slot piccatinny rail and safety lockout, also visible the 14mm threded barrel adaptor.

A 4 slot piccatinny style rail is positioned underneath the front on the frame allowing you to fit accessories light weapon lights. an optional 14mm threaded outer barrel extension is also included with each gun to allow you to fit a suppressor to the XFG, or equally run it without.

The easy-fill magazine featuring an additional channel to retract the follower. This reduces BB wastage and wear and tear on the feed lips.

Filling the XFG magazine is easy because of the unique design. The BB follower can be retracted using a separate channel on the side of the magazine. Thanks to this the magazines are easy to fill with BBs quickly and without waste.

The ICS XFG Pistiol is avaiable in Black, Dual Tone or Hairline colour options from ASG.