On February 4th, the winners of the 9th Popular Airsoft Player’s Choice Awards were announced. After being nominated in several categories, it humbles us here at ActionSportGames to be voted joint winner of the “Best Electric Gun” category.

Our CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 is a unique product. Designed and produced under license, it is to this day the ONLY airsoft gun to be designed and manufactured in Europe… Denmark, to be precise.

It is also the first project of its kind undertaken by ActionSportGames. After nearly 2 decades of licensing replica weapons and distributing them, it is the first to be produced “in-house”. As such the Evo has significant meaning to us and we are over-joyed that it has special meaning for many of you.

An almost “cult” following of our favourite AEG has developed, the famed Evo Owner’s Group, the Official Evo Owner’s Club and also the annual Evo Owner’s Club event being well attended.

It gives us great pleasure to see that although the Evo might be born in Denmark, it has reached a global following.

The Awards

The Evo – Voted Best Electric Gun – 9th Popular Airsoft Player’s Choice Awards

Popular Airsoft’s Player’s Choice Awards is worldwide. To be nominated at all for any category is quite an honor. Because of this, to be ranked among none other than Tokyo Marui, the Japanese manufacturer, and G&G from Taiwan is wonderful news for ActionSportGames, a Danish manufacturer.

We’d like to thank all who voted for the Evo and ASG as manufacturer of the “Best Electric Gun” category in the 9th Popular Airsoft Player’s Choice Awards and cementing us as Europe’s premiere Airsoft manufacturer.


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