CQR UNLEASHED – Shoot ‘n’ Tell!

On Sunday 17th February, Team ASG visited Skirmish Airsoft, in Sherwood Forest, to demonstrate the new Hera Arms CQR.

Team ASG’s Paul demonstrates the minimal difference between the real-steel CQR and the replica.

The CQR is available to try and pre-order at selected ASG Shop-In-Shop retailers now. Pre-order customers will be able to access their all-new CQR early.


Whilst on-site, players were able to trial and feel the CQR for themselves in-game. Using ASG’s famed Devil Blaster .25g BBs the CQR boasts great range and accuracy.

The CQR is a unique product produced in partnership with ASG and ICS, with an official license from Hera Arms. Thanks to this licensing, the CQR is a faithful replication of the real-steel CQR package.

From and airsoft perspective, the CQR brings exciting features to the table. The ICS Triple-S system gives users a rapid trigger response thanks to a built-in pre-cocking feature. In addition to this you can easily select between three-round burst of unlimited full auto mode.

The unique looking CQR stock provides ample battery space and the compartment closes securely, protecting LiPo packs from harm during use. Hera’s CQR foregrip is faithfully reproduced. It allows for an ergonomic grip that suits your shooting preferences along with rock-solid firearms-grade sling attachment points.


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