Andy Jenkins’ Armalite M15 Carbine

Earlier in the year we asked for your stories and experiences using ASG products. Andy Jenkins was kind enough to email in and send a few images to tell us about his experiences with hi ASG Armalite M15 Carbine.

Andy says:

“Here are a couple of shots attached of me at the RIFT Village site in Cambridgeshire (the chap behind me in one shot is my team mate!).

I use what started out as a two-tone ASG Armalite M15 Carbine, I bought it back in October 2017 as my first RIF and it’s still going strong! 

I love how light it is compared to some others and also the addition of a mosfet on this model means the trigger is nice and responsive and the rate of fire is great! I quickly upgraded from hicap mags to 6 mid-caps and the magwell accepted them without issue, another great plus point. 

I picked this one out at the beginning because I wanted something closer to the budget end of the spectrum, and it ticked all the boxes, while also having a different style of hand guard to other models, and the addition of the mosfet was a no-brainer!

Saving the pennies for a fully kitted out Evo in the future!”

Thanks to Andy for taking the time to tell us all about his experiences with the Armalite M15. If you have a similar experience, please get in touch with us via email on


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