Over the last few months selected retailers in Europe have been proudly displaying the all-new and forthcoming CQR, from ASG/ICS and officially licensed by Hera Arms.

We are pleased to hear that many players and collectors have pre-ordered the CQR and are eager and excited to get their hands on their new gun. We know how exciting the CQR is so we can’t blame anyone for being desperate to get their hands on the gun!

Because the Hera Arms CQR is being launched globally, guns are making their way out to the USA and elsewhere and the European specification guns are on the way to our warehouse in Denmark.

We hope to be dispatching the Hera Arms CQR from ASG’s HQ at the end of March. They will arrive at your selected retailers shortly after. Because these products are still in transit, these dates are still subject to change, however we are optimistic that they will be fixed.

Caring for your new CQR

When your new CQR arrives, it may be cold and hungry. You will also need to take care when handling it, so always wear eye protection!

To warm your CQR up make sure you connect it to a suitable battery. If your CQR is equipped with an M100 spring, we recommend using a 7.4v Battery. If you are using a M110 spring or higher, we recommend using an 11.1v battery.

Hungry CQRs love only the best BBs and we recommend you feed them on quality .25g BBs for best behaviour.

Finally, CQRs HATE being trapped at home and indoors so make sure you get out with your gun as often as possible!


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