Now available from ASG, the all new, updated Airsoft Systems polymer magazine. Arguably the best polymer airsoft AR-pattern magazine on the market. The magazine is designed to fit and feed in 99% of airsoft AR replicas.

Boasting an updated and improved external design, the AS M4 magazine offer exceptional handling and tenacious grip in all conditions. The design allows for easy insertion and extraction from magazine pouches, even if the magazine is double stacked.

Designed to resist shock and impact, the AS M4 magazine uses no screws or pins in its construction making it easy to strip and service multiple times. The material offers great temperature stability, resisting extremes of temperature without losing rigidity or becoming brittle.

In addition to the casing design the magazine features an optimised BB follower allowing unimpeded feeding, back by a premium grade spring that resists fatigue and feeds the 85BB capacity with force.

Unlike many magazines, the AS M4 magazine comfortably feeds heavyweight BBs up to .43g without trouble and ASG in-house testing has clocked the magazine feeding .28g BBs at over 60 rounds per second. As such ASG recommend using hard BBs such as the Blaster range for optimal feeding.


A pull handle to aid handling and reloads is available separately. This simply slots into the base plate of the magazine adding the minimum of bulk. The rubber material also works as a shock bumper when the magazine is dropped onto a hard surface.

Magazines and Pull Handles are available from ASG in both black and tan colour options now!