A big ‘THANK YOU’ to all of our customers from all of us at ActionSportGames!

Looking forwards; to a brighter future together.

For many businesses across Europe 2020 has been incredibly difficult. With a global Corona Virus pandemic and uncertainty worldwide over the effects of Brexit, both in the UK and Europe, we know that for many of our business customers, it’s been a hard year.

We also know that many of you may have struggled to maintain your business stock levels, and at ActionSportGames we’d like to thank you all for sticking with us and having trust in the robustness of the Airsoft and Airgun hobbies – and most importantly, faith in the quality of our products and for continuing to ‘buy ASG’ to stock up your stores.

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We understand that this uncertainty within the business community is also shared by your customers; who are in effect our customers too. In several countries serious COVID 19 restrictions on how people meet and gather to undertake either airsoft wargames or target shooting, were put in place that looked set to further threaten the survival of many stores, ranges, and sites. Many of us in the industry may have felt that with less shooting ranges and airsoft sites not open as often as ‘normal’ that there would be less demand for high quality shooting sports equipment – thankfully those worries now seem largely unfounded.

Despite all of these serious considerations, we at ASG were pleased, and somewhat relieved, to see that rather than floundering, the airsoft and airgun industries appear to have weathered this unpleasant storm surprisingly well. We’ve been delighted to see that many of your stores have actually done better than ever before through 2020 and consistently restocked your business with high quality ActionSportGames products month after month. It’s clear to see that even if shooting enthusiasts could not get out to a site or range, they still wanted to carry on their hobby at home and treat themselves to that new airgun, airsoft gun, or add-on accessory. Without a doubt, even during the darkest days of the pandemic the demand for new and exciting items was very much still there among the airgun target shooting and airsoft skirmishing player base!

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While at ActionSportGames we have not been completely immune to the stresses of this uncertain year, we’ve strove to keep ahead with our ‘new release’ schedules, our exciting Premium Retailer Program and to develop new products. A particular ‘big blow’ to many of us, ASG was being unable to meet up with our friends, colleagues and business associates at the many European trade shows and events that we always enjoy attending. Despite not having our traditional launch platform of the Nuremberg IWA show this year, however, we’ve persevered to bring out a host of fantastic new products throughout 2020 including but not limited to:

CZ Shadow 2, 4.5mm airgun
B&T USW A1, 6 mm airsoft pistol
B&T Tracer Unit Compact
Ultimate EVO CNC Performance Hop Up
Flat Dark Earth & Battle Ship Grey EVO 6mm airsoft guns
EVO ‘ATEK’ rifle and body kit, 6mm airsoft SMG
All NEW batteries and battery chargers
… The NEW Accuracy International MK13 Mod 7 and ‘Compact’ 6mm airsoft sniper rifles

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At ActionSportGames, we believe that the key to keeping the airgun target shooting, model gun collecting, and airsoft skirmishing hobbies vibrant and alive is to continue releasing innovative and exciting new products to enthuse your customers and keep them coming back for more. With this in mind, we’ve even more releases lined up for late 2020 and 2021 and while many are still tightly under wraps, some we have already revealed, such as the much awaited ‘Steyr Scout’ marksman rifle.

Once again, we’d like to sincerely thank you for ‘sticking with ASG’ over this difficult year and would like to reassure you that, together, we’re going to go from strength to strength and once stability returns to the shooting sports industry we have a fantastic future ahead of us.


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