What is the best airsoft gun?

Without a doubt it’s the question most frequently asked on airsoft sites, airsoft forums, Facebook and quite probably inside your store.

But what DOES make a truly great airsoft gun? Is it a unique design, exact replication of functions, value for money or simple reliability?

At ActionSportGames we feel that the best airsoft guns combine all of these elements.

The ‘best gun’ for your budget?

Your customers will want the ‘best gun’ for their budget, and at ASG we aim to be able to meet their expectations with three price point tiers of replicas.   Our Discovery Line  provides a perfect low cost entry level gun for the starting player without compromising on quality. Slightly more experienced players will enjoy our Sport Line range of rifles and pistols, adding a little more cost to the item in return for extra features such as metal bodies, real wood stocks and advanced electronics. For the veteran airsoft or airgun enthusiast in your store we offer the Pro Line range of ultra-detailed, high quality replicas that are almost indistinguishable from the real world firearm and boast the most sophisticated features.

Whatever your customers budget, you know that if you buy from ASG, they will receive a reliable replica that not only looks the part but works perfectly every time.

You can check out our Discovery Line, Sportline and Proline models by clicking on them here.

The ‘best gun’ for performance?

With this in mind, for many of you with airsoft stores and sites the ‘best gun’ will be the ones that you don’t have to repair or return due to faults. For those stores with an instore technician the best guns will be the ones that, if needed, you can quickly sort out any minor issues instore without having to return it.

We ensure that all of our airsoft and airgun replicas are made to the highest standard possible for their price point category. We feel that cutting corners on manufacturing helps nobody in the long run and therefore only use quality materials. While we try and make each replica as good as it can possibly be, we also understand that some people will seek to improve and customise their replicas. Some parts may wear out over extended normal use and to this end we supply a full spare parts service for almost every gun on our inventory (and a few older ones we no longer stock too!)

If the worst case scenario happens, and a gun or item is actually faulty, you don’t have to worry either. We’ve got you covered with a 12 month guaranteed warranty on nearly all of the products we supply to your store.

Airsoft ‘techs’ can click here and find a full range of high quality ULTIMATE upgrade parts

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The ‘best gun’ for realism and looks?

Lastly its probably worth considering the ‘authenticity’ of the replicas you stock in your store. ASG work closely with dozens of real steel firearms manufacturers to produce and distribute faithful, fully licenced versions of their products. Our highly detailed replicas are officially endorsed by the companies we work in partnership with. This means you know you are buying the ‘official ‘ version of your chosen replica, and that this version will be to be of a high standard that is acceptable to the licenced brand. With more and more firearms companies protecting their trade marks and designs in law, and enforcing their rights in court,  make sure your business is stocked up with legitimate replicas and not counterfeit creations that could create legal issues further down the line.

Shopping with ActionSportGames means you know this will never be an issue as we respect the intellectual property and licences of the firearms world. In short, if we can’t make a legal licenced replica of a specific firearm… we won’t! If you’re curious, look here and find a full list of our extensive licences.


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