Where can I get airsoft spare parts from?

If ‘what is the best gun?’ is the most commonly asked question on airsoft  and airgun forums, then ‘Where can I get spares for my gun…?’ is probably the second.

At ActionSportGames we make sourcing spares as easy as we can with our ‘spares and repairs’ service.

With many brands simply getting the most common spare parts for the replicas in their range can be a herculean effort.   Some companies don’t really WANT you to be able to repair their items and would prefer you to buy new ones, some do have spares but have systems in place that make deciphering the Enigma Code a more attractive proposition and many simply just don’t carry them at all.

For both your store techs AND for your customers that can be a real problem.

At ASG we accept that even the best made airsoft and airgun replicas can have parts eventually wear out or break from years of enthusiastic use on the airsoft field or shooting range. To us, providing the parts to keep a customer’s favourite gun in service for many years to come is a vital after sales service!

To help you keep your customers guns operating at peak performance for as long as possible, we offer our Spare Parts Service. Our easy to use parts service means that you can simply order in any components you need for repairs, upgrades or general maintenance as part of your next consignment from ASG. Not only do we carry spare parts for all of our current range of 4.5mm airgun and 6mm airsoft products but we also have large amounts of spares for some of our more recently discontinued ranges too, so it’s always worth asking … we might just have that vital part even for an old ASG model!

Taking advantage of our Spare Parts Service is really simple.   Simply visit our webstore and select the model number you need a part for and visit that items individual page with its product text and illustrations.   On the items listings you’ll find a ‘downloads’ tab, click this to access an exploded parts diagram (and often a parts list too!) and simply note down the exact part numbers you need.   

Once you’ve made a note of all the parts you need,  enter your full list of required parts on a ‘spares and repairs’ form available on our website and we’ll send you the parts as part of your next delivery of ASG items.    If you need the parts in a hurry you can have them sent on their own for a small additional shipping charge.

What’s more, our in house team of expert technicians are often able to offer you advice about the repair you’re conducting and , if you’re in any doubt, the best parts to use in an upgrade.

While this article is aimed at our retail customers, if you’re an airsoft player or airgun shooter reading this, feel free to pass on the message that when it comes to spares to keep your favourite guns running – ASG have got you covered!


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