The CZ Shadow 2 Orange is nearly here!

Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing pistol from the history of its real steel counterpart to what makes the airsoft and airgun versions of this special edition pistol so special.

Great news for all you competition shooters out there, one of the most highly sought after airsoft pistols in the world just got a new special edition upgrade! The CZ Shadow 2 Orange offers the same unrivalled realism and sheer gratification as the original shadow 2 with new innovations that make this airsoft gun a true representative of the quality found in its real steel brethren.

A Bit of history

The real steel version of the Shadow 2 Orange set out to be a milestone improvement in competition shooting as opposed to the origins of the CZ 75 series which were more so intended for use by law enforcement and military personnel, in addition to self-defence. As such all the additional features, innovations and alterations to the real steel pistol are designed to improve a marksmen’s performance in competitions. Meanwhile it maintains the standards in performance, handling and quality set by its predecessors.

The original Shadow 2 was used extensively and with great success within the ranks of the IPSC in the arena of competitive target shooting. Living up to this legacy, the Shadow 2 Orange is making big waves in the same competitive world. Because of its hyper realistic craftsmanship, the airsoft version of the Shadow 2 Orange is also being utilised amongst real steel shooters for draw practice. In both the IPSC and AIPSC, the Shadow 2 Orange and its airsoft counterpart are currently the must have precision instrument for target shooting. They bring reliable functionality and top of the range materials fresh out of the box.

What makes this special edition so special?

Like its real steel counterpart, the airsoft version of the Shadow 2 Orange was designed to be a stand out piece for competition shooters and as such it comes with a number of enhancements from the original shadow 2 to ensure its dominance in the arena of airsoft shooting.

For starters to aid with more precise shooting, the Shadow 2 Orange comes with a fixed stainless steel outer barrel, which significantly increases the guns accuracy while at the same time tightening the pistol’s tolerances. At the same time, as a full 1:1 replica, this pistol includes authentic barrel bushing which further increases the shooting performance and stability. Yet another major improvement from the original, to increase the overall quality of the firing system, the good folks at CZ have added a stainless steel recoil spring plug which naturally improves the quality of the pistol’s recoil. Also, the Shadow 2 Orange comes with a full fibre optic sight and adjustable rear sight. All of these internal improvements combine to create a more finely tuned shooting experience that enhances the shooter’s performance and capabilities.

Outwardly it offers much of the same amazing features as the original shadow 2. This includes pronounced grooves on the slide to aid with grip and enable easier and smoother racking of the slide. Also it includes an accessory rail for the increase level of customisation that shooters expect from the shadow series. For those creative minds that love to really get in depth with their customisation, all parts of the original shadow 2 are compatible with the shadow 2 Orange.

On a cosmetic level the style of the shadow 2 Orange is unmatched. As standard, the shadow to Orange comes with full aluminium magazine release, magazine bottom and grip. Much like its real steel counterpart this airsoft pistol is guaranteed to make a striking visual statement whilst maintaining user comfort. The magazine itself holds 26 6mm BBs.

It is available as both a CBB and GBB airsoft pistol that fires 6mm BBs at an average of 328fps (1.0 joule). In combination with the adjustable hop up, this pistol provides reliable firepower and flexibility for airsoft shooters.

Offering superior stability, accuracy and overall quality. The CZ Shadow 2 Orange is a bold special edition of the beloved original. If you are looking for an airsoft pistol that is ready to rock right out of the box and help you set a new standard in competition shooting than the CZ Shadow 2 Orange is the perfect choice for you.

The Shadow 2 Orange will be making its way onto the range some time in September

The Shadow 2 Orange is a state-of-the-art competition pistol that truly lives up to the mighty legacy of the CZ brand and the standards set by its predecessors. But don’t just take our word for it. We at ASG are so excited to hear what the community thinks of the Shadow 2 Orange and see if you love it was much as we do.