Women In Airsoft – One Year Later

It’s been a year since we launched our Women In Airsoft (WIA) series helping to raise awareness of some of the challenges women within airsoft can potentially face during their time out on the field. We wanted to reach out and re-interview our very first WIA volunteer, Ghillie Sniper Girl, a.k.a Drew.

Hey Drew, can you believe it’s been over a year since we first sat down and did the very first Women In Airsoft interview together?

I know we have spoken several times and stayed connected since then, but I wanted to look back with you at that first interview and get your thoughts on how things may have changed… shall we get into it?

During our first interview, we touched on how you got your callsign Ghillie Sniper Girl (GSG) but do you think that it has become a more integral part of your identity within the community in the past year? – do people still see you as Drew or are you getting more recognized as GSG?

I think it’s a bit of both, but there is a slight bit more towards GSG mainly due to what/how I post on social media. But because my personality comes through online, more people are warming up to who I am as a person… drew.

In our previous interview, you mentioned being interested in trying out MilSim. Have you had the opportunity to participate in any MilSim events? If so, how was the experience, and did it live up to your expectations?

I haven’t unfortunately, but I have had an invite to go and play. It’s still on the cards, I just need to find the time to play really.

Thinking back on your airsoft experiences, can you recall any recent heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled moments that stand out? Any situations that you’ll never forget?

There isn’t a specific moment as such, but more the UKAL meets I’ve had with all the ladies as part of the online group. Seeing what it has become. As one of the founding members it fills me with pride and joy to see so many members/female players come to together to celebrate and enjoy airsoft.

On a lighter note, we touched on embarrassing moments you’ve had while playing, have you had any over the past year you’d be willing to share with us again? Hopefully, you’ve not fallen into any mud puddles again!

The amount of times I have drawn my pistol and not had a mag in is rather embarrassing, I’m well into the double digits of that happening now. The only thing that is worse is when I do that with my sniper rifle… doh!

Ok, enough’ embarrassment’ for one interview, I would like to switch focus to your achievements. Do you have any recent standout moments, such as your best kill, most impressive shot, or longest kill streak? We’d love to hear about your triumphs on the field.

I am really starting to notice my progression as a player. My KD ratio is improving with each and every game. My killstreaks are improving, my ability to remain hidden and just being able to hold down an enemy team advancement as a sniper. It’s honestly just taken me a bit by surprise to see how much it has improved when looking back.

As a sniper, you mentioned enjoying the role of a lone wolf. Has your play style shifted in any way over the past year, or do you still prefer the patience and stealth that comes with being a sniper?

I still prefer the role of a sniper, 100%. However, I have found that my communication with my team has vastly improved and that helps our game over all. I did try a game with a DMR, but soon swapped back to my bolty! It just wasn’t for me.

We know you have a preferred loadout with a sniper rifle as your main weapon and two pistols for close-quarters situations. Have you made any modifications or additions to your gear since we last spoke? Any exciting projects or upgrades you’re working on?

I now only run with one pistol, the MK23. In terms of mods, I have opted to swap out the ghillie wrap around my sniper and replace it with a paint job. This is a pretty recent change as well, I have only had 1 game with it and I can say it’s a lot easier to use so far.

I know we asked this last time, but it’s interesting to see if and how your views may have changed… so If you could go back and start your airsoft journey over again, is there anything you would do differently? Any lessons learned that you wish you had known from the beginning?

I’d say I would have liked to have been a bit more open minded when it comes to airsoft sites, for example, one of the sites I went to during my early days, I saw the site and said ‘is this it?’ without really giving it a chance. As the day went on, I ended up really enjoying it and it is now in my top 5 sites, but that initial negative thought perhaps gave me a bad start to the day.

I would also say that I would not let myself get influenced by peoples opinions about certain products and just form my own opinion.

You mentioned in our previous interview that you would like to see fewer brand loyalties within the airsoft community. Has your perspective on this topic changed, or do you still believe in promoting openness to new products and ideas?

Definitely, I have been sent various products from companies to review and I don’t feel pressured to say bad things about them because of another person’s opinion. We should be respectful about the time and effort that has gone into a product, but also if it does need improvements, being able to be neutral and factual in terms of communicating that. Constructive criticism often goes a long way.

Based on your experiences over the past year; looking ahead to 2024, what do you believe will be the biggest challenge for newcomers entering the airsoft hobby for the first time? And specifically for female players, do you foresee any unique challenges or opportunities?

I would say just trying to avoid biased opinions until they have tried it for themselves will be one of the biggest challenges. It’s ok to ask for help about what RIF’s you should get as a first time player, but you will often find that everyone has a different answer. It’s worth asking and shopping around.

For female airsofters it can be a bit intimidating still, especially with groups such as UKAL and posts about women in airsoft gaining more attention online, this can draw attention from some people that may have a difference in opinion about females playing airsoft. This in turn may be seen by female players thinking of joining airsoft and put them off.

You mentioned last time that as a female player (and female players in general) can often be underestimated. Considering the past years’ experiences as a female player, have you encountered any hardships or instances where your abilities were underestimated? How have you navigated such situations, and what advice would you give to other female players facing similar challenges?

I have been in a situation where thanks to the ghillie suit, players often don’t realise I am a female player, and if they ask me as a sniper to take an enemy out (due to range) and I get off a good shot, they say thanks and when I respond they often take a double look after hearing a females voice.

For other female players I would say just get stuck in and enjoy the game, at the end of the day it’s not about your gender it’s about your willingness and ability to play.

If you were to give advice and encouragement to any female players, both new and experienced, what would that be?

The same as last time, just get stuck in and reach out to other players for advice. Don’t let your gender get in the way of your hobby, if you enjoy it, just do it!

As always Drew, it has been a pleasure to speak with you and hear your views. Would you like to give a shout-out to anyone before you go?

It’s been great to catch up! Of course, I have to give a huge shout-out to UKAL_ and my affiliates (links in my IG Bio) and lastly, self-promotion for my IG account GSG.


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