Airsoft Gas Designed For Cold Weather & GBBR

#PoweringYourGame with ASG ULTRAIR Airsoft Power Gas

Powering your game is ASG’s new mantra – it encompasses everything we believe in when it comes to giving airsofters everything they need for a great airsoft experience.

Our new range of ULTRAIR Airsoft Power Gas is spearheading that very way of thinking. Players wanted more from their gas, so we’ve listened and responded.

With this new Power Gas we’ve created what we believe is a comprehensive, balanced range of airsoft gas options that’s more suited to varying gun internals, yet still allows players to remain ultra-competitive with consistent performance at a wider temperature range throughout the year.

Available in 570ml bottles, the new range is made-up of the ULTRAIR Green Gas (135 psi) with added Silicone), ULTRAIR Airsoft Power Gas Orange (164 psi), and ULTRAIR Airsoft Power Gas Red (178 psi).

But, a well-balanced line-up of gases for play throughout the year is just one benefit of our new ULTRAIR Power gas range.

Powering the player with easy-to-understand information

When it comes to airsoft gas, companies are more than willing to make claims about its performance capabilities in terms of PSI, yet invariably leaving out one important factor – the temperature the suggested PSI readings were tested at.

It’s easy to forget that even a green gas can perform as high as a red gas if the temperature is high enough, with every degree making a difference to the pressure output. Omitting the temperature, a PSI rating may only represent performance in unspecified ideal conditions.

That’s why with our new ULTRAIR Airsoft Power Gas range, after thorough testing, ASG has put the base test temperature of 25° C (based on realistic environmental conditions) front and centre of the bottle. While a temperature-pressure chart is also displayed on the reverse of the bottle, highlighting the performance of the gas (signified by its colour) at 5°C, 10°C, 15°C, 20°C, 25°C and 30°C.

This gives the player greater transparency, assisting them in selecting the right gas for their specific airsoft gun setup, gas magazine, and environment.

ULTRAIR Airsoft Power Gas Green (with Silicone) – 135 psi (570ml)

Contains lubricating silicone, a versatile green gas (specifically spring, summer, and early autumn) and recommended for all blow-back pistols and rifles.

ULTRAIR Airsoft Power Gas Orange – 164 psi (570ml)

Mid-power gas for more consistent, lower-temperature use (specifically late autumn and early spring), recommended for metal top-slide pistols, rifles and shotguns.

ULTRAIR Airsoft Power Gas Red– 178 psi (570ml)

High-powered gas, recommended for high-powered rifles and sniper rifles, during winter months.

With our new range of ULTRAIR Power gas, we’re powering our players with performance, versatility, and total transparency, so they can select the right propellant for their airsoft guns and their chosen environment.

ASG, #poweringYourGame.