The UK service department is now open!

Great news for all of our customers, the ASG UK service department is now open!

After hearing the feedback and examining the needs of our community, we can finally announce that our UK service department is now open for business. This new department represents a significant investment in time and resources on our end in order to reach out to you all and strengthen our relationship even further. We hope that this service department acts as a tool for our customers and their businesses as well as a tool for our consumers to utilise to its fullest extent. We are certain you must have some questions about this new service and how it works, so let’s go through some of the important details so you know how to best use this new tool.

What are the benefits?

For starters, our new UK service department will act as a massive step forward in convenience and customer service on behalf of ASG. All of our UK dealers will have access to this department and can send in airsoft products for servicing and repair. As the name suggests this department is UK based which means all UK service requests will be sent here and not our headquarters in Denmark. Which in turn, means requests will be fulfilled cheaper, quicker and easier which is good news for you, your customers and us.

Who will be handling the repairs and services?

All repairs and services will be handled by our own in-house airsoft technician Alfie Howard. Alfie has been with ASG for over a year and has received over twelve months of intense training and a wealth of experience in tinkering with, servicing and repairing airsoft weaponry of all descriptions. He is an avid player himself and as such fully understands the conditions these products are exposed to and how to deal with any case that arises as a result.

With this knowledge, experience and professionalism, we are confident in his ability you provide you all with reliable, satisfactory, service.

How does it work?

We advise all customers to contact our technician, Alfie Howard, directly via his email to allow him to assess each case individually. Alfie will then advise on the next steps and endeavour to resolve the problem as soon as possible and in a cost-effective manner.

Another option is to fill out the Service & Repair form as usual. Once the item is assessed and delivered to our new service department, our UK Service Technician, Alfie, will personally work on each and every item sent to the department.

Please note: You will need ONE Service Form for EACH item you are returning to us along with the relevant invoice for those items. Once this has been done, simply send your service items to ActionSportGames UK Ltd, Mansfield Business Centre, Ashfield Avenue, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 2AE and our team will handle the rest.

When can we get started?

The best part of all is that our new UK service department is already open for business and ready to accept requests from all UK customers.

We hope that you all will take full advantage of this new department and put our technician Alfie to work! It is our intention for this service department to act as a tool to strengthen your businesses as well as our relationship with all of our ASG dealers.