Why did we create the H-15?

With the H-15, and by extension the Hybrid Series, recently being released, everyone at ASG is beyond excited to see it in action across the airsoft world. But the questions must be asked… Why make the H-15? Why start a whole new series of airsoft weapons? Why invest all that time and money when we are already an established brand with several well-known product lines already out there?

There is a multitude of reasons, ranging from our passion for airsoft to redefining out of the box performance once again, combining over twenty years of airsoft manufacturing experience into one product, to fulfil our goal of manufacturing in Denmark and of course to showcase the capabilities of our new Hybrid Series. But there is one reason that must be put before all others… in the world of airsoft, you either innovate or you imitate and we at ASG always strive to innovate. 

We wanted to push our limits and see what was possible. Taking over a decade’s worth of manufacturing experience since the creation of the CZ Scorpion EVO AEG and placing that refined technology into a more modular platform that was originally inspired by the style of an AR-15. By doing so we created the H-15, an airsoft AEG that brings the well renowned out of the box performance of the EVO with the popular community support of AR-type models. From magazines to mods, there is a wealth of customisation options out there for this kind of platform and we are more than happy for the community to customise the H-15 and make it their own.

Furthermore, we wanted to test ourselves as a company and try to once again set an even higher standard for fresh out of the box performance. Now after careful review, we are happy to say we succeeded. The H-15 stands, shoulder to shoulder with the EVO, as our new flagship product, ready to blaze a fresh trail for the company by pushing past our previous successes and looking to the future. 

The H-15, and by extension, the entire H-Series, embodies ASG’s core values. Knowledge of the airsoft industry, working with our customers and community, and Danish engineering. The H-15, like the EVO, is designed and constructed in Denmark. We were the first Airsoft Company to manufacture an AEG outside of Asia and remain one of a limited number of companies that can make this prestigious claim. By making the H-15, specifically making it in Denmark, we are continuing to fulfil one of our core goals, to bring airsoft assembly to Europe. Each one is hand-built by our specialist team of airsoft engineers who work at our Danish HQ, directly alongside the EVO assembly. We are so excited to add the H-15 to our Danish assembly line and look forward to welcoming the rest of the Hybrid series to join it in the future.

The H-15 brings an extremely high standard of quality to what at first looks like a pretty common platform (just try one for yourself and you’ll feel the difference). It is the latest entry in our Pro-line and as such demands a certain degree of excellence that is hard to find anywhere else in our industry. More on that point, we wanted to showcase the capabilities of the H-Series, because the H-15 is not just one static airsoft product, it has three distinct variations in the CBQ, B.E.T. and Carbine versions, all of which bring the same great features but also have their own unique twist to the H-15’s winning formula. By doing so, the H-15 showcases the variety of the H-Series from the get-go and the variety we can offer to our community.  We knew when we began this project that the question of why would be asked, but the better question is surely why not, why not push ourselves as a company to try new things and see what’s possible? Airsoft is a community that loves to see innovation and we are always happy to provide!