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ActionSportGames is committed to making and distributing the best licensed Accuracy International replica firearms in the world. ASG has been recognised by many famous firearms manufacturers through worldwide, exclusive license agreements.

Using these licenses, ASG replicate their firearms, components and accessories into outstanding 1/1 scale replicas of the highest quality.

Accuracy International
Accuracy International

Accuracy International licensed ASG Products

ASG’s ranged of Licensed Accuracy International products includes the renowned AW .308 Sniper Rifle in both gas and spring format, and a range of Precision BB Ammunition.

See the range of Accuracy International licensed ASG products here.

ASGs Accuracy International AW .308 Sniper Rifle Replica
ASGs Accuracy International AW .308 Sniper Rifle Replica in both Spring and Gas versions.

The best Sniper Rifle in the world!

Accuracy International was founded in 1978. In 2005 the company was bought out of administration by a small group of investors. This included the two original designers.

The newly formed company started with seven employees. As of April 2015 it has grown to 83 employees. This included nine, based at a facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA.

With Directors Tom Irwin and Dave Walls, Accuracy International designs, develops and manufactures sniper rifles. These products are for military and law enforcement groups as well as civilian shooters in over 60 countries. They are considered the world’s premiere rifles.

The original designs use performance-enhancing features taken from Olympic target shooting. These features were built into a rifle platform built with full military ruggedness.

AI concentrated on tactical rifles which were intended for official use for defense, peacekeeping and internal security throughout the world.

The current models faithfully follow the original design ethics. They are driven by the needs of the users. These include highly trained military and police units in over 60 countries world-wide.

The Ministry of Defence

Designated L96A1 and nicknamed “Green Meanie” AI received the order for 1,212 rifles on 11th March 1985.

British Forces have used AI rifles since 1985. In 2008, the Ministry of Defence re-equipped all Forces with the company’s L115A3 sniper rifle system.

In the 1980’s the British MoD looked to replace the Lee-Enfield sniper rifle (L42A1). At the time the Parker-Hale was the biggest competitor for the Accuracy PM (Precision Marksman). The Accuracy PM was then designated as the L96A1 after beating the competition in trials. The L96A1 entered service in 1982.

Since 1998, Accuracy has continued to develop and manufacture firearms like the AX50 rifle in .50 BMG caliber, AW-series .308, also known as the Type 96 model, AW .338, and AX Series, earning Accuracy International the distinction of offering the most comprehensive range of tactical rifles in the world.

ASG Accuracy International Precision BBs

Heavy weight ammo is something that every airsoft sniper should use. Weighty BBs allow you to get the best out of their high powered guns. As Accuracy International Licensed Manufacturers, ASG have produced this range of Dave Walls signature BBs.

Airsoft snipers commonly make use of bolt action guns, just like their real-world counterparts. The guns can have over 2 joules of muzzle energy. Thanks to such a powerful gun you can really push the weight of the ammo up.

Thanks to a higher mass, these BBs will hit the target with more energy. They will also suffer less from cross winds.

Heavy BBs don’t make your gun more powerful, (unless you start taking advantage of the murky would of “joule creep”) but they will allow you to make better use of the power you do have.

Accuracy International
Accuracy International

Hit your mark with these Dave Walls, Accuracy International endorsed, high quality, heavyweight BBs. At .40g each they are double the weight of your usual .20g BB and they are ideal for sniping.

This Precision Ammunition comes in a neat and convenient bottle dispenser in a quantity of 1000 BBs. They are secure yet easy to dispense into a magazine or speed loader. The BBs themselves are smoothly polished with a consistent surface for optimal repeatability when it comes to shot-to-shot performance. In crush tests they have been found to be a hard, bubble-free material which is vital to preserving a predictable trajectory and balanced hop-up effect.

This is an excerpt of a review first published in Airsoft International Magazine.