Team ASG hit Strikeforce CQB!

Strikeforce CQB is an infamous CQB site situated in Gloucester, UK. On Sunday 9th December, Team ASG (UK) made their way down to the site, a former match factory. 

The tight confines of the purpose-built CQB site make the compact Scorpion Evo 3 A1 AEG the weapon of choice. With it’s native, rapid trigger response and semi, 3-rnd burst fire modes, the Evo dominates in close quarters.

Check out some Evo Action at Strikeforce CQB!

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Strike Systems MXR Range with DingChavez

The Strike Systems MXR Range from ASG are a selection of lightweight, tough versatile AEGs. The demands of the starter player are met without compromise, likewise the more advanced player on a budget.

Join DingChavez from France with his video overview, presented in French language. Ding has however taken the time to fully subtitle in English.

DingChavex presenting the MXR18 Combat AEG

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