ASG’s CZ 805 BREN Assault Rifle

ASG France’s Mathieu has released a few more images from his photoshoot with Cadenus Photography, this time featuring the awesome CZ 805 BREN AEG.

The 805 BREN fits in the ASG range of CZ licensed replicas alongside the famed Evo and the award winning P-09 pistol. It is compatible with Strike Systems Sights and the B&T Rotex III Barrel Extension/Suppressors.

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Blaster Tour 2018 – Operation Plastic Storm

Sunday 11th of November marked the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day; the day that the Great War ended. This date would also be the last Blaster Tour 2018 date of the year.

Combat Action Games (Norwich, UK) decided to hold their event “Operation Plastic Storm” at Pleasurewood Hills, in nearby Lowestoft on the same date.

Action Sport Games UK headed to the event to mark the last Blaster Tour Event on the 2018 calendar.

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Strike Systems MXR Range with DingChavez

The Strike Systems MXR Range from ASG are a selection of lightweight, tough versatile AEGs. The demands of the starter player are met without compromise, likewise the more advanced player on a budget.

Join DingChavez from France with his video overview, presented in French language. Ding has however taken the time to fully subtitle in English.

DingChavex presenting the MXR18 Combat AEG

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New Mesh Face Masks from ASG

ASG’s new airsoft Mesh Face Masks with Ear Protection are available now! You can see how great they look here, modeled by ASG France’s own Mathieu and photographed by the talented Vanessa Cadenus of Cadenus Photography.

Mathieu wearing a mesh facemask
Mathieu with ASG’s new Mesh Mask with Ear Protection (compatible with comms headsets)

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ASG on Airsoft Nation

Airsoft Nation recently took the time to speak to ASG’s UK Media Manager and Sales Co-ordinator. The plan was to talk about how airsoft had changed, grown and improved in recent years, along with the emergence of Speedsoft.

Graham and Ben spoke openly about topics. They ranged from “airsoft in the old days”, ASG’s officially licensed product range and what might be coming up in the near future.

The controversial subject of “Speedsoft” was also on the agenda. Make sure you tune in to find out more about this emerging facet of airsoft; bridging the gap with paintball.

A referee calls a player hit amongst inflatable obstacles at a speedsoft event
Speedsoft in action at Skirmish Airsoft Mansfield

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You’ve got six shots loaded and ready to go (of course you have loads more moonclipped together and ready to load in on your belt holder, but that’s beside the point). Zombie heads coming down the corridor are just begging to be popped… Now’s the time to get that Dan Wesson in the game!

ASG’s Dan Wesson 715 range comes complete with internal Co2 power, real action shells and a full range of exciting accessories.

ASG Dan Wesson 4" RevolverThe full Dan Wesson range feature all-metal construction. With rubberised Hogue-style grips containing an integrated CO2 compartment. The removable grip even features a CO2 fitting tool. Heaps of fun to simply hold, the Dan Wesson 715 series stops even the undead in their tracks!


Evo Owner’s Club Event 2018

On September 30th, ActionSportGames UK was joined by Combat UK and JD Airsoft‘s EvoTek along with Skorpion Skinz at RIFT Airsoft’s Coms 3 site in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The reason for this great alliance was the Evo Owner’s Club Event 2018, the second such event to take place in the UK.

More than just a skirmish game, the entire premise of the Owner’s Club Event is to bring together like-minded enthusiasts that are committed and fanatical about ASG’s unique CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 replica. There really isn’t any other event like it.

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