ActionSportGames & our twenty-year tradition of quality airsoft products.

By the very fact you’re reading this blog, you’re aware of ActionSportGames as a manufacturer and distributor, but did you know that ActionSportGames have over twenty years of experience in the airsoft hobby.

Today the Airsoft industry is full of many options for the potential player but at ActionSportGames we have been at the forefront of the game from the hobby’s earliest days. The story of ASG begins way back in the 1990s when two engineers decided to enter the world of airsoft and import popular designs from Asia into Europe.

Over the years Johnnie and Henrik expanded the ASG range and were even instrumental in helping develop the innovative technology in PTW type airsoft guns. In our rich heritage we’ve been leading distributors for Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, KWA, Maruzen, Systema, TOP and a host of other household names in the hobby. Chances are if it’s a name worth knowing in Airsoft then ASG have had a successful partnership with them!

Over the last two decades ASG have been at the forefront of airsoft technology in Europe and in 2014 ‘broke the mould’ by being the first company outside the far east to design and produce an AEG – the award winning Scorpion Evo EVO airsoft SMG.

But its not all about the EVO.  One very important part of ActionSportGames is our belief in the value of the intellectual property of the original designers of our favourite firearms. That’s why at ASG we work side by side with the design teams and use our licences to bring you the most accurate replicas we can. One thing you won’t see in the ActionSportGames catalogue is a clone or copy of someone else’s model with unlicensed trademarks or a legally dubious name.

For this reason ASG are the only company you can find with unique and original AEG’s rifles  like the Bren 805 and the HERA Arms CQR. Or see amazing gas blow back guns like the CZ Licenced Shadow 2 and the official replica of the B&T designed MP9 machine pistol!

While ASG have seen many airsoft products come and go over the years, rest assured we continue to innovate and create the future of Airsoft.

In the next installment we’ll catch up with ASG founder Johnny Pederson to ask him about the ASG journey from first steps to international leaders in the Airsoft world.


Now available from ASG, the all new, updated Airsoft Systems polymer magazine. Arguably the best polymer airsoft AR-pattern magazine on the market. The magazine is designed to fit and feed in 99% of airsoft AR replicas.

Boasting an updated and improved external design, the AS M4 magazine offer exceptional handling and tenacious grip in all conditions. The design allows for easy insertion and extraction from magazine pouches, even if the magazine is double stacked.

Designed to resist shock and impact, the AS M4 magazine uses no screws or pins in its construction making it easy to strip and service multiple times. The material offers great temperature stability, resisting extremes of temperature without losing rigidity or becoming brittle.

In addition to the casing design the magazine features an optimised BB follower allowing unimpeded feeding, back by a premium grade spring that resists fatigue and feeds the 85BB capacity with force.

Unlike many magazines, the AS M4 magazine comfortably feeds heavyweight BBs up to .43g without trouble and ASG in-house testing has clocked the magazine feeding .28g BBs at over 60 rounds per second. As such ASG recommend using hard BBs such as the Blaster range for optimal feeding.


A pull handle to aid handling and reloads is available separately. This simply slots into the base plate of the magazine adding the minimum of bulk. The rubber material also works as a shock bumper when the magazine is dropped onto a hard surface.

Magazines and Pull Handles are available from ASG in both black and tan colour options now!

Shoot more accurately!

The guys at Airsoft Action TV have been working with ASG Blaster BBs in recent months and they have just performed some tests using heavyweight BB ammo.

They have range tested a variety of weights to find out which BB ammo gives the best results in real terms. They have filmed a great video which is well worth taking the time to watch. Check it out below…

Andrey Lushnikov Scorpion Evo 3 A1

Earlier in the year we asked for your stories and experiences using ASG products. Andrey was kind enough to email in and send a few images to tell us about his experiences with his ASG CZ Scorpion Evo.

Andrey says:

I’ve owned my Evo Scorpion for two years now and absolutely love it. My son and I use our Evos on different sites, in the forest and CQB and it always performs well. For me it is the best gun you can have out of the box on the current airsoft market. Burst fire is wonderful thing! Here’s a shot of me during the game at Combat South’s Woodland site in Hampshire in the UK.

Thanks to Andrey for taking the time to tell us all about his experiences with the Evo Scorpion. If you have a similar experience, please get in touch with us via email on

Andy Jenkins’ Armalite M15 Carbine

Earlier in the year we asked for your stories and experiences using ASG products. Andy Jenkins was kind enough to email in and send a few images to tell us about his experiences with hi ASG Armalite M15 Carbine.

Andy says:

“Here are a couple of shots attached of me at the RIFT Village site in Cambridgeshire (the chap behind me in one shot is my team mate!).

I use what started out as a two-tone ASG Armalite M15 Carbine, I bought it back in October 2017 as my first RIF and it’s still going strong! 

I love how light it is compared to some others and also the addition of a mosfet on this model means the trigger is nice and responsive and the rate of fire is great! I quickly upgraded from hicap mags to 6 mid-caps and the magwell accepted them without issue, another great plus point. 

I picked this one out at the beginning because I wanted something closer to the budget end of the spectrum, and it ticked all the boxes, while also having a different style of hand guard to other models, and the addition of the mosfet was a no-brainer!

Saving the pennies for a fully kitted out Evo in the future!”

Thanks to Andy for taking the time to tell us all about his experiences with the Armalite M15. If you have a similar experience, please get in touch with us via email on