How do they make the H-15?

It is a point of pride for all of us here at ASG that we are one of a limited amount of companies to manufacture its flagship airsoft products in Europe, right at home at our HQ in Denmark! Yet to this day, people find it hard to believe, but it’s true. We have taken the time and made the investment in training an incredible team to assemble our flagship rifle, the Scorpion EVO, in house. This happens right beside our Danish warehouse where all our products are shipped from, and directly below our CEO’s office. Much like the EVO, our latest flagship item, the H-15 is currently being assembled right here in Denmark, right beside its sister product. The designs are finalised, our team has been trained and construction is underway in earnest. Let’s take a closer look at this process from beginning to end and learn how the H-15 goes from being a box of parts to being one of our best rifles to date…

The H-15 has its own designated area in our assembly line and a section of the warehouse where all its individual parts are stored. We have replicated the successful assembly process of the EVO and adjusted it to fit the H-15.

We have four distinct workstations for the construction process of the H-15:

Station one and two work in parallel, station one is specifically designated for the creation of the gearbox, station two is for the inner barrel and hop-up assembly. The gearbox gets filled with all the components, the gears get shimmed and grease is applied to all moving and sealing parts. Of course every part gets inspected beforehand, to make sure quality is up to our standard.

Station three is where the gearbox is transformed into a fully functioning lower receiver. This station is where it also undergoes the first in a series of tests to ensure the gearbox is cycling as intended and our team checks for hiccups in the system. It is tested on all of its firing settings and for shimming.

Now we arrive at station four, where the gun is fully put together. Our team installs the barrel assembly into the upper receiver, before placing it on the previously mentioned lower receiver. The handguard gets installed last, after the rifle has gone through its velocity testing. What was a collection of parts now becomes a true airsoft rifle.

Once the rifle parts go through all of these sections, bit by bit fitting perfectly into place, the result is a complete airsoft rifle, the H-15! 

But that is not the end of the process. At this point we have a complete working rifle built from its essential, functional pieces. Our team checks the rifle’s FPS, cycling, performance and the accuracy on our outdoor shooting range. Once the rifle has been approved it is moved to packaging where it is cleaned and packaged. The attentive reader will say “but what about the buttstock and flash hider?”. These parts are put in the packaging separate from the rifle. The flash hider is probably the most replaced part on any airsoft rifle, many players like to add their own muzzle device as soon as they can. We took it off so you don’t have to. Since the HERA buttstock is a real-steel firearm component, it has to be removed from the buffertube before installing a battery, so we thought about saving the consumer some trouble with that step too. Now you can get to using it even quicker after unpacking! 

And there you have it, one complete H-15! What was once a series of parts in separate boxes has now become an outstanding product, one of the best we have ever created. This process is repeated for each and every H-15 that we ship out. We hope you enjoyed learning about our construction process and let this squash any doubt that our flagship products are, as always, made in Denmark.